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And so the mystery that is Clark Kent deepens.


Come on, Pete, I'm desperate. Now the only information I could get out of the Kents was the earth-shattering admission that Clark hates peas.


Let's just say that it's a very long road between what's sitting in our storm cellar and what's written on your birth certificate.


Pete: No offense, Clark, but digging up six pages of interesting stuff on you is going to require serious excavation.
Clark: I do stuff.

Clark: You know, uh, Chloe this is a class project not a corruption scandal.
Chloe: Relax, Clark, it's not like you have anything to hide.

Kasitch: She's cute.
Lex: She's engaged.

Okay, this isn't an official question and I don't want you guys to take it the wrong way, but has your son always been this strange?


I don't believe in obligations.


Chloe: Can I ask you a question - totally off the record? Do you ever wonder about your biological parents?
Clark: Every day of my life.

Body parts in boxes and poisoned cows... this isn't normal!


Lex: Who are you?
Jude: Don't you remember? You killed me.

Clark: The question is, how'd they get inside?
Pete: I don't know. Now stop channeling Chloe and come on.

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Smallville Season 1 Quotes

Clark: She saw it.
Nurse: Saw what?
Clark: Her future.

Lionel: You're not my enemy. You're my son.
Lex: I never saw the distinction.