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Phillip's pathetic and he's crazy. Not the n-word crazy, he's just crazy.


I'll never give up hope and I'll never give up fight. I've got more heart than anyone out here.

Boston Rob

You become a member of the jury. That blows.


Ralph making fast work of this maze, like he made it himself.


Rob was using you like toilet paper and he wiped his ass with you.


Sorry for ruining your Survivor game and throwing you under the bus.


I don't give you dirty looks, I just don't know why you're giving me puppy dog eyes.


I've had control in this game. I just need to keep control.

oston Rob

I love blindsides because, in an evil way, it's fun to see their reaction.


Phillip, I'm make the argument that the reason they keep you is because you aren't a threat and you raise your hand and say "I'm a huge threat, I just haven't had the right challenge yet".


If I make the wrong decision, 32 days of hard work could be gone, just like that.

Boston Rob

Phillip's terrible in challenges and he's a goat.

Boston Rob
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Survivor Season 22 Quotes

I think I've been trained for something like this.


We ain't never had a dumbass to win the game, have we? Maybe it's my turn.

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