Straight back to normal Felipe.


We're all completely set to get rid of Andrea and then all of a sudden Phillip regains his spot in the tribe as annoyance number one.

Boston Rob

The lovers are going to be reunited.


Oh man, my legs are like Jell-O.

Boston Rob

I asked God to help me win and I think that's what he asked of me.


Boston Rob: Thank you, Mike.
Mike: You're welcome. Don't vote me out again.

Andrea: Are those happy tears or sad tears?
Natalie: I don't know. They're hormone tears.

If one of us Zapatera members gets in to the top three, we've got this thing one. I wanna be that guy.


Six Ometepe left. What are they going to do now?


Redemption Island keeps on getting crazier and crazier.


Phillip's not going anywhere. He's under my protection. As long as he keeps up his stupid antics, he'll be going with me all the way to the finals.

Boston Rob

Jeff: Steve, you ever done anything like this?
Steve: Yea, I'm in a league, every Saturday.

Survivor Season 22 Quotes

I can't believe it has taken 38 days to finally write your name down. I won't miss you, you're a nut case.


Sorry if I ever seemed creepy.