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Rotting Zombie ... Sheldon's new Facebook photo!


Priya: They dressed up in leotards and goggles and called themselves the New Delhi Power Rangers.
Penny: How old were they?
Priya: Not as old as you'd want them to be.

Howard's mother had a heart attack because I have sex with him and she can't!


Whereas Jewish mothers take a casual la-dee-dah approach to their sons.


You brought a Catholic girl home to you mother? Why don't I write you a prescription for Xanax.


Leonard: Does your family have a history of heart disease?
Wolowitz: My family is the history of heart disease. There's a cave painting in France of one of my ancestors doing this. [mimicks heart attack]

Sheldon: Do you know where the phrase jibber jabber comes from?
Penny: Oh my god, you're about to jibber jabber about "jibber jabber?"

Have you told your parents you're dating this short glass of skim milk?

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