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Sheldon: Oh, ow, blueberry in my nose. Blueberry in my nose.
Leonard: Snort it down and keep eating.
Sheldon: [snorts]

At least my mother made her boyfriend climb out the window.


It's like we both had these holes in our lives, but now we fill each other's holes.


Sheldon: How could you not find him?
Leonard: Because he's hard to find. If he was easy to find, the books would be called "There's Waldo."

We could play real-life Operation.


Regardless she has a distinct advantage at tavern-based games. Poor, beer pong, wet t-shirt contests -- they're all out.


A solar system? Uh,uh,um, unidentified flying liverwurst? I don't....


Leonard: In what universe is that a present?
Sheldon: It's not a present. It's the present. There's you and me. It's Penny and Amy. We're playing Pictionary. In the present.

Penny: You're unbelievable.
Sheldon: I know.

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