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It's okay, I serve soup to poor people.


Leonard: You think we can outrun him?
Sheldon: I don't need to outrun him. I just need to outrun you.

I feel just like Mother Teresa. Except for the virgin part. That ship sailed a long time ago.


Raj: That was pretty badass, dude.
Sheldon: I help the weak. It's yet another way I'm exactly like Batman.

Leonard, I platonically love you man, but face it, you're a mess.


Jimmy: What do you think about a pair of glasses that makes any movie you want into 3D?
Raj: That sounds amazing. First movie I'm watching -- "Annie."

Howard: Hey, we're here to support you, buddy.
Leonard: No, you're not. You're here to see if I get my underwear pulled over my head.
Howard: You wore underwear? You fool.

Who would have thought Fuzzy Fingers Fowler is best friends with a bully?


Oh, terrific. High school quarterback against four mathletes.

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