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Oh, spoiler alert. This door's about to slam in your face.


Feelings? What am I a hippie at a love-in?


Good buddy Leonard. [knock] Good buddy Leonard. [knock] Good buddy Leonard. [knock]


Amy: Here I am?
Sheldon: Wait. Here who is where?

Raj: I didn't know you can have a cyst inside a cyst.
Mrs. Wolowitz: The doctor said they were like Russian nesting dolls.

But, you two make such a cute couple. Like Bert and Ernie. You guys even teach me stuff about words and numbers.


Dump her? What did he use? A fork lift?


Way to make lemonade. You know from around the corner where fudge is made.


Howard: They spent a ton of money developing this dandruff medication that had the horrible side effect of anal leakage.
Raj: Is there a good anal leakage?

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