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My dad was never a good lawyer. I just always thought he was a good lawyer.


It's all bong water under the bridge.


Katie: I'd rather stay in L.A.
Susan: I'd rather you hadn't slept with my husband.

Mr. Branford: You're fishing.
Beth: I prefer hunting. It seems less leisurely.

Liam: There's not gonna be any more kissing today.
Beth: Do I even wanna know?
Liam: No.

I'm the knight in shining armor and you've reduced me to a guy in a suit showing spreadsheets.


We are lawyers. We make stuff up all the time.


If that weed is yours, it explains the universal popularity of your brownies.


Is it a crime to care about the planet?


Beth is here because she's a good lawyer. I think it's pathetic that you think otherwise.


My first kiss was perfect. I'm just waiting for the one that beats it.


Law firms are like anything else. You get what you pay for. Sterling is expensive.

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The Deep End Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I wouldn't waste my time sucking... I would, however, waste a little time getting a new shirt. You're wearing a dish rag.


Dylan: I was just standing here. Didn't hear anything.
Susan: How gallant of you.