"White Lies, Black Ties"

This episode is titled "White Lies, Black Ties." During the hour, Cliff tries to find a way back into Susan's life.

Addy and Her Man
"An Innocent Man"

Dylan and Liam form a bond this week. They both believe their client is innocent.

Addy Picture
"Nothing Personal"

Susan gives Beth and Dylan a challenging pro-bono this week. The episode is titled "Nothing Personal."

Addy at Work
"To Have and to Hold"

There's a difficult INS case this week. The episode is titled "To Have and to Hold."

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"Where There's Smoke"

Beth goes toe to toe with her father in court this week. The episode is titled "Where There's Smoke."

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Beth Bancroft Picture

On the pilot episode of The Deep End, we meet a quartet of new associates. Will they make it at this law firm?

The Deep End Quotes

Sometimes I think I married myself one grade A bitch.


Leave, before I set you on fire.


The Deep End Music

  Song Artist
Boom 1 Boom Anjulie iTunes
Stuck to you Stuck To You Nikka Costa iTunes
Head straight Head Straight Alex Metric iTunes
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