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Pretend you're a professional.


If you were afraid you were going to lose them forever, what would you do?


Nick: Oh jeez, can you guys just get over yourselves?
Judge: Pardon?
Nick: "If the court so disposes we'll yield to a supplemental." Look, if it makes you guys feel good to hide behind shoptalk, knock yourselves out, but I have a client to defend.

Fine me. Not gonna make you a better judge.


Nick: What is this, a shakedown before lunch?
Pete: Why don't you grow a mustache it'll be cheaper.

Who comes back a week early from Tahiti?


Nick: You cannot put stolen cash in our safe!
Pete: It's escrow, Nick.
Nick: No, it's accessory after the fact.

I can't just stand there? I gotta run in these alligator shoes?


Meredith: You're very sexy when you try to take on the system even though you know you're argument is going to lose.
Pete: Is that a challenge?

This town was built on dirty money, Kaczmarek. Is that news to you?


Sam, I think it's best we don't tell your mom about this.


Stop having your wife followed or I'll file a restraining order myself.

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