The desert? C'mon, man, don't be a Vegas cliché.


I don't know if the guilty run, but only the innocent return.


Zoe: What do you think Nick was like as an employee and not a boss?
Pete: Quieter, less yell-ey.

Lisa: What's the "D" stand for though? Nicky Defense? Nicky Do-Right? Nicky Donut?
Zoe: Nicky Dice? Nicky Danger.
Pete: Nicky Doofus.

Pete: Eesh. Kitty's got claws.
Nick: She ain't no Kitty.

Nick: I accidently pressed the panic button on my new fancy, shmancy phone. It's like a super computer.
Pete: I told him it was too complicated for him.
Nick: You can take over the world with this damn thing.
Pete: He just got rid of his landline.
Nick: I mean it even takes pictures.

I don't trust him one little bit. His eyes are too close together.


Who actually ever says "mild mannered?"

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