Pretty tense for a yoga studio, huh?


Jessica: Guys! C'mon, is there anything you guys don't argue about? How about the music act?
Nick and Pete: Frank Sinatra Jr.!

You might want to get a little sun this weekend, Nicky. We're about to lose a murder trial on national TV.


By the way, I'm having dinner with your sister tomorrow night.

Nick [to ADA Cole]

Well, well, well. Nick Morelli. Oh, I saw you on TV, big man. You look like hell. I tease, buddy. You look great on camera, as long as it's pointed at Pete.


I'm fat because every time I spank your daddy, he gives me a biscuit.


Sally: Kaczmarek! You don't have to sneak around. No one cares that your friend here doesn't have papers. Hola. Como estas?
Pete: Yeah, Sally, this is...
Sally: Yeah. You can save your breath. You're going to need it later to blow up your date.

Johnny Greene: Good job, Morelli.
Nick: Hey, it's what we do.

You're a good kid, Zoe. Get me a donut.

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