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No, you know what? I'm not just dropping this. You wanna know my plan? My plan is I love you, okay? I've probably loved you ever since Georgetown. So phone me. I'll meet you anywhere, and we will make a plan. If none of this makes sense to you, just ignore it. No embarrassment, nothing. We'll just go back to how things stood.


Will: Are we being played in some way?
Diane: I don't see how.
Will: I don't either. It's making me suspicious.

Blake: Did you ever find your extra key?
Kalinda: You knew who I was?
Blake: Yeah. I wanted to see how you'd play it.
Kalinda: What are you, man of a thousand faces?
Blake: No. Just one. Does that flirtation bit always work for you?
Kalinda: Yeah. Are we going to have trouble?
Blake: No. No. As far as I'm concerned, it's your backyard, Leela. Sorry. That's not your name, is it?

Kalinda: Did you see the photo spread? Will in a swimsuit.
Alicia: He wasn't in a swimsuit.
Kalinda: So you saw it, then? Talk to him.
Alicia: He doesn't want to. He told me. He wants to drop it.
Kalinda: Yeah. In a voicemail. Anything said in voicemail doesn't count.

Eli Gold: Do you know what a tracker is?
Alicia: Do I know what a tracker is? No.
Eli Gold: An unpaid political operative who tracks the opposition candidate, trying to catch him off-guard with a question or a comment in order to tape the embarrassing encounter for free viral negative campaigning. Macaca? Result of a tracker.
Alicia: And I imagine this will all come around to me.
Eli Gold: The event of this morning. The congressional scandal. You are back in the news.

Diane: (about the merging) Good job.
Will: Not me, you. It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Diane: As long as we're the ones snatching.

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