It's odd that someone could be so good yet think things so bad.


Howard: Oh, come on. This is fun. The first case I ever worked on was a patent.
David: For what, the wheel?

Alicia: You're telling me, when I sleep with Jason, you'd rather I kept it private.?
Eli: You're joking right?

Alicia: Anyone who knows me will smell the bull crap a mile away.
Ruth: Yes, but it's Iowa. All they smell is bull crap.

You are very sexy when you're writing a check.


Well, it'a a racism case and my firm is a little pale at the moment.

Louis Canning

So let's just file that one under ongoing disasters, shall we?


Lucca: Yeah, I can see you here, making clients way, ordering associates around, being the queen bee bitch.
Alicia: I'm a much calmer person now.
Lucca: Oh my god, that's a terrifying thought.

Alicia: Wanna get laid?
Peter: Do you?
Alicia: Sure, I've got 20 minutes.

I have no words. No, you can keep talking but I have no words for this.


Primaries are their own insanity.


The most powerful men are the ones no one knows exist.


Good Wife Quotes

Was it all about having two kids who I don't even know if I like anymore and then shoving them off to be someone important? Seriously, was that the point? I just, I hurt. I want it over. I just want it to end.


DINO - Democrat in name only!

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