Respectfully Alicia, our interests have not been aligned since you used our office as a staging ground for your political career.


Be a Disney Princess but don't tell money men like Redmayne anything but what they want to hear.


You mean the man, Guy Redmayne who came in here and pressed his groin against me, compared my feet to those of an Arizona prostitute and then demanded that I hire a deputy SA of his choosing?


I gave enough to the Negro College Fund to give the whole friggin' Congo a scholarship.

Guy Redmayne

Did you knock over a cheese and wine store?


Every girl's bra size increases a letter when they become an avatar.


Diane: Aren't you having fun? You hunt deer. I hunt clients.
Kurt: But which head are we going to mount over the fireplace.

If I were to set off a bomb in this room we'd have Democratic presidents for the next 30 years.


(to Peter) Let's just get through this, then we can get back to you using me politically.


So you don't personally think I'm a racist but saw political advantage in calling me a racist.


Whenever I think I'm certain about something I'm always surprised.


Your job is to give her Chap Stick and breath mints, not bust my balls.


Good Wife Quotes

Alicia: We need to leave this week.
Cary: Are you sure?
Alicia: Yes.

I'm notorious. The white OJ.

Colin Sweeney