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Kalinda has a way with Cary. We've exploited this before.


Alicia: No. Cary, you do it. She liked you. Work your magic.
Cary: God. I am the new Will. Sorry.

Jackie: I see where Alicia's drinking comes from
Veronica: And Peter's rudeness. No wonder they're splitting up.

Yeah. They have Mrs. Chum Hum and we're screwed.


Cary: Clarke, I'm responsible for 60 employees. This is a decision I made because I don't want to see those 60 people out of work.
Clarke: By that logic, you could justify any decision.
Cary: Yes, but I wont.

They just said they're going to destroy us in 48 hours. That changes everything.


People think adding zealously to everything makes it alright.


Alicia: Jackie, can I call you back?
Eli: Oh God! What does she want?

Eli: Are you sleeping with Finn Polmar?
Alicia: Ask me another question.
Eli: No.
Alicia: Then go to hell.

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