Stop playing it cool. You want her, go to her and say I want you. I’ll protect you. You don't owe your husband anything. Be happy. Come to me. Make me happy.


I was here to tell the truth. What are you here to do?


Alicia: Were you wanting me to cry, Mr. Canning? Oh my God, (fake sob) I thought my husband no longer cheated.
Louis Canning: Wow. God, I love you.
Alicia: I know.

Designer: I designed your offices, now I want to bring them into the 21st century.
David Lee: This is the 21st century.
Designer: No. You're deluding yourself. Pale wood, glass. This is an Apple store circa 2009.
David Lee: That is the 21st century.

I've defended enough people to know how shallow those words are. I don't care what you believe. I care what you can prove.


Peter: He hates me, he has for years.
Diane: I know. This is not going to be a cake walk.

I think you have to handle this. I've been drinking.


Jackie: I won't be seeing you again.
Alicia: Why not?
Jackie: You're divorcing my son and I just wanted you to know, we're more alike than not.

Alicia: Zack, this is the stupidest thing I've heard you say in a while.
Zack: Thanks Mom.
Alicia: And there have been some pretty stupid things.

There's a funeral somewhere that's getting flowers saying Congratulations Howard and Jackie.


You are easily swayed by pretty, young, blonde, Republicans.


Michael: What's the difference between inept and incompetent?
Jason: About six letters

Good Wife Quotes

People aren't mean. They're just polite liars.


Reese Dipple's the reason you're not at the firm. You sway Peter on this bill and Dipple will sprinkle rose petals as you step off the elevator.