Prosecutor: It's semantics.
Judge Schakowsky: No, it's the law. You know the difference? I get a gavel.

Someone had a good nap.


Don't worry, dear, most babies are unattractive.


Peter: You're being used.
Alicia: I know. Who isn't?

Freedom. The best thing to happen to anyone.


Did he just issue the easiest ultimatum in history?

David Lee

Cary: How are things in the bar attorney trenches?
Alicia: Same as there only without the fees, resources or muffins.

I think you try to move me out and I'll cut your balls off.


Mrs Barcetto: You'd never ask a male artist to explain himself like this.
Luca: I would if he'd taken nude pictures of his kids.

There is a mutiny brewing below deck and we are going to start losing good, young associates because of him.


I don't like your cases. I don't like who you defend.


Alicia, what are you doing here? I thought you were working as a bond court pimp.

David Lee

Good Wife Quotes

Reese Dipple's the reason you're not at the firm. You sway Peter on this bill and Dipple will sprinkle rose petals as you step off the elevator.


It's hard to be on this side.