The Good Wife

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The good wife
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Ah, it's always important to be legal.

Alicia (to Peter)

I'm not a martyr. I just think I can win a fair fight.

Frank Prady

I don't want to be remembered for a closeted dinosaur.


DINO - Democrat in name only!

Political Ad

I want to do this differently. I want to not pound you into submission, and I want you to not pound me.

Frank Prady

A little hint for you the next time you do this, don't have the woman sleeping with my girlfriend break it to me.


Everyone is dying.


I missed you Alicia, you're fun.


Tell me what to do.

Alicia (to Eli)

Cary, we are not married. We're not even going steady."


How is my joking about Beyonce relevant?


You are 14 days away from spending a decade in jail.

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I want a meeting with Eli Gold. Now. Today.


Julius: You think he's innocent?
Alicia: No, I think he's innocent of this.