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Ruxin: Do you know how to read?
Rafi: I get by, alright?
Ruxin: What do you know?
Rafi: You know, like, red means 'stop.'
Ruxin: Great.
Rafi: Green means 'go.'
Ruxin: Good.
Rafi: Yellow is the other one.

Gail: You really messed this up. You could have had sex with the most pathetic, insecure, desperate woman you've ever met! I would have let you put me in a cage!
Rafi: I have a cage!
Gail: Have fun in your cage--alone!

Rafi: I don't respect you!
Gail: Perfect! I don't respect myself!

Ruxin: No knives.
Rafi: What if there's an attack?
Ruxin: It's a bunch of children and mothers in a pool.
Rafi: That's exactly when I would attack!

Breasts are meant to be ogled and fondled, not tugged at like some raccoon pulling at a trash bag.

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