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The originals
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Elijah: How was your day?
Hayley: Killer.

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Klaus, if you hurt Davina, or Josh, in any way, I'll expose you to the world. And then you can kiss the French Quarter goodbye. Forever. Have a nice night.


Marcel: She'll never trust me again.
Elijah: Perhaps. You must never surrender the fight to regain that trust.

It is said that this is a man's world, and sometimes, it is. For every casket girl that was saved, countless others were not. But women are more resilient than given credit for. And some women, well, let's just say their oppressors had better watch out. I, too, am resilient, and I'm tired of being oppressed.


[to Klaus] I wanted to make sure I had a fail-safe just in case, as Elijah expected, you started acting like you.


[to Klaus] You know what the worst part is? You're so predictable I had to make an alliance with your brother who I don't even like.


Don't worry, Elijah. I remain as redeemable as ever.


The stench of your judgment is overwhelming.


[to Davina] Hurting people is such a boyish thing to do...and while I am many things, I am not my brother.


[to Elijah] You call yourself the noble one, but you're a killer, just like your brother.


[to Klaus] You pretend to be so confident, but I know the truth. You're afraid everyone can see what you really are. An animal.


Apologies. I tend to go too far to make a point. But I always get results.

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

There, there, little lambs. Us girls have got to stick together.


For centuries, people have come to New Orleans looking for a fresh start, hoping to find fortune, adventure, even love. Young society women imported from France with the promise of marrying a proper New Orleans gentlemen, like the legendary casket girls. Little did they know that the men who awaited them were far from proper and not at all gentle.

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