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Do you? Because you're supposed to be the head of security and the only thing you seem to be securing is dinner.


Death needs dignity, not ambition.


Jahel says he's bad news. She says we ought to toss him overboard. Look, we've been on the Bouina long enough I don't know what's possible any more. All I know is that when that girl gets scared, I listen.


Get him off my ship.


Jonas: You tried to kill me and now you want to offer me a job?
Clark: And a beer.

Maybe a better man could have found another way. I miss you and I love you. I made my choice. I don't expect you to forgive me. I really don't.


Lincoln: This source, did he tell you what it was?
Jonas: Turns out, he didn't share very much while he was watching me get hanged by a tree. All I know is he said he was looking for these people. People who could show him the way.

Clark: What I mean to say is, isn't it possible you have other reasons for being here?
Kurt: My obligation is solely for the safety of this crew, yes.

The Exodus, it's some kind of a ghost ship. The crew can't leave the river until they find someone to relieve them on board.


I'm not sure even Emmet knows about Emmet any more.


What if everything we've seen, what if it all comes in one source?


OK,enough with the bugs. It was cute in the Lion King, but can we crack open the rations?

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The River Quotes

Hi there. I'm on the Amazon. Not a lot of other Jews out here though.


There is magic out there!