There's more than two girls in the universe you know.


I think all of you guys are a little too young to be so serious about each other.

Kathleen [to Jack]

Adrian: You're the first person who hasn't treated me like I'm going to break.
Betty: Hunnie, you're already broken. What you went through, I mean it shatters people and you just have to put all the pieces back together again.

You're a mess. You're a big hot mess.


This is your home.

Ricky [to Amy]

You got married for the wrong reasons, maybe you'll stay together for the right ones.

Ricky [to Ben]

Going back to the way things were, seems like, I don't know, like not honoring my little girl.


Like I told Ashley yesterday, I'm happy, I'm really happy, so just let me be happy, ok?


We're young but we're really mature.

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