Why don't you say what you want? Why don't you ever just say that you want?

Ricky [to Amy]

You know I really did want a coffee, but I didn't want to talk to you because you're a pain in the ass.

Ricky [to Adrian]

You're too young to be filled with regret.


Oh I forgot, my ex husband called you a pervert.

Adrian [to Omar]

Dreams change, I just want to be married to you.

Amy [to Ricky]

What says I don't really wanna be married, but I had a baby in high school, so I got married, and now we're getting married again because my mother wants me to even though she's gay and can't find a date?


It's all my fault, I can't believe I went along with Marshall and went along in making her wear that stupid promise ring. It only made sex more appealing to her.

Kathleen [about Grace]

Every relationship I've ever been in was just to kill time until my turn came around again. And it will, I know it will.

Ben [about Amy]

He saved that hooker!

Dylan [about Jack]
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