Amy: I think everyone's staring at us.
Ricky: Yeah I think they are.
Amy: What should we do?
Ricky: I think we should get used to it. Everybody's gonna be watching every move the four of us make.

The three of us, we're a family.

Ricky [to Amy]

Now this conversation feels real. Not like you're tiptoe-ing around my feelings or something. I'm really sick of that. Thanks Amy.


I'm not good at goodbyes, you know that.

Leo [to Camille]

I don't want to talk. I've had a bad morning. For the past 8 weeks I've had a bad morning followed by a bad night. I can't talk anymore today, okay, just leave me alone.


Amy: Safe travels.
Ashley: Safe Sex.

It makes me happy. Why shouldn't I be happy?

Amy [about Ricky]

I don't think the point is for it to be okay and for us to get over it. It's for us to live with it.


Adrian: Maybe I'll just take the GED like Ashley or something.
Ben: The Good Enough Degree? That's not good enough for my wife.

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