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Katherine: Where is Mason?
Damon: He's right beside me. Although, his heart's across the room.

Stefan: You're staring.
Elena: I'm gazing.
Stefan: It's creepy.
Elena: It's romantic.

Katherine will only rip your heart out. Let me do it for her.

Damon [to Mason]

I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version.


He's a bit of a blood-aholic.

Caroline [on Stefan]

Mason Lockwood? Werewolf thing aside, the guy's a surfer.


There's Damon and whoever Damon is using, and those people always end up dead.


With any luck, you'll be freshly compelled and back in your own bed tonight.


I was afraid you were gonna be some beast master with no affinity for pain.

Damon [to Mason]
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