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On yet another exciting episode of The Vampire Diaries...

- Bonnie accidentally walked into Mason and got a vision of him kissing Elena. Stefan figured out it was really Katherine and asked Bonnie to help him and Damon apprehend the werewolf. She did so, using her powers, and Mason ended up chained to a chair in the Salvatore house. Damon had fun torturing him, but the only real answer Mason for his actions was that he was in love with Katherine.

Out of pity, anger and jealousy, Damon tore the werewolf's heart out. He then called Katherine and rubbed it in her face.

- Bonnie also learned the moonstone was hidden in a well. Stefan went down to get it, needing help from Elena because the well was full of vervain. But the pair was successful and then Jeremy determined that the rock takes away the werewolf curse. It means those afflicted with it can turn at any time, not just when there's a full moon. We still don't know why Katherine wants it, but she seems very upset the enemy now possesses it.

- Caroline bonded with her mother, who realized Caroline is stronger and more confident than ever as a vampire. She didn't even want to be compelled because she wanted to enjoy this new daughter. But Caroline though it was a bad idea for her mom to have the knowledge of what the Salvatores are and, therefore, compelled it all away.

- Katherine called Elena and made it clear she was on to her and Stefan's ruse. She knew they were really still together. How? She had snuck into the Gilbert home and stolen Jenna's vervain-filled perfume and tea. She had compelled Elena's aunt to provide her with information... and also to want to kill herself. At that moment, Jenna stuck a knife into her own stomach! She was rushed to the hospital and will be okay, but Elena and Stefan realized they couldn't keep seeing each other. They were putting loved ones at risk.

As a result, they broke up. Damon also felt bad about his role in all this, how he called Katherine and bragged about killing Mason.

- The episode ended with Katherine compelling Matt. She said she needs a new werewolf and needs him to provoke Tyler until he kills him.

Episode Number:
David and sabrina 2014

This episode, as always, is another 3.5 rating from start to finish. It's real lame that Katherine loves Mason but fun to see him die. It's wrong that Elena again thinks it's over for her and Stefan to be together but there's always ways to bring love back. Now Katherine feels upset about Mason that she starts playing around with Matt as well. I wonder when she'll be gone for good cause I've had enough of her. I'm still loving this show a lot no matter how boring and lame Katherine is. =)


Candice Accola amazing job in this episode, her character gets more interesting with time, I just can't wait to see her fully confident and stronger than everyone else, even Katherine. As for Jeremy he is finally getting in on the action. I think he is a very interesting addition to the team and it would be interesting to see where this character develops. As for Damon and Bonnie EWWWW! no i hope that never happens. Damon and Elena need to hook up ASAP!


do you honestly believe that i don't have a plan B and if that fails a plan C then a plan D. You know how the alphabet works, do you? -katherine BEST QUOTE EVAAAAAH


they are not going to kill a main character because then there would not be a show it was probably just a rumour or something




OMFG they can kill of damon or stefan the show couldnt cope FUUUUUUDGE!


kemaren gak liat.... nyeselnya akuuuu


OMG NOOOOOOO Damon cant die! I would die and throw a tantrum


oh..i cant wait.....


aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! this is pssing me off!!! i cant wait this long :"(

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Stefan: Elena and I are taking a pause.
Jenna: That's not what it sounded like this morning.

Your search for life's purpose is as obvious as it is tragic.