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It's all very Bourne Identity isn't it? In a tragic, teenage sort of way.


He ran Lacey. Innocent people don't run.


Jo trust me, the only way to get over someone is to throw yourself into something new. Otherwise you'll never move on.


I am so sick of being protected!


Me? I'm great. No one will get within 10 feet of me, my friends are freezing me out. It's fine.


Yeah let's look forward, cause when you look back that's when you trip over stuff that's like in front of you.


Hard to be around someone after they've hurt you, yeah I have no idea how that feels.

Jo [to Danny]

Rico: You should try confronting him because he's clearly intimidated by women.
Lacey: Um not that intimidated because he's an amateur porn director.

Are you trying to be the creepiest guy in the world?


It's just too many secrets, Danny.


Are you here to give me the big bro talk? Threaten to kill me if I hurt her? Cause I'd believe it coming from you.

Tyler [to Danny]

I don't trust that guy with his like glowing skin, and like smiling a lot and stuff. He's all tan and toothy, like a shark.

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Didn't you hear? I'm a bitch now.


Serita I remember you, you were the one with the facial hair problem in 5th grade.