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I still can't believe you're back. It's like a do over for all of us.

Lacey [to Danny]

Mom our whole family is built on secrets and I won't add another one to that pile.


Maybe he wasn't capable of loving anyone. Sociopaths don't care about other people, remember?

Jo [about Vikram]

Everyone's been treating me like a killer for so long and now...


If Danny contacts you, tell him to come back home. Tell him I'll protect him.


He's super agile and crafty, and you know he has that long thick hair so that'll keep his ears warm.

Rico [about Danny]

Jo: We should go get help.
Danny: No one can help us.

Sometimes unthinkable is good thinking.


I was scared, I was numb, and I loved him, so much. I'd do anything for him, he was my father.

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