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I was relieved when I heard about the car accident. I mean maybe Danny didn't get the revenge he wanted, but at least he's not a killer.


I feel like I'm in a nightmare and I just can't wake up.


I'm supposed to be your girlfriend but you can't even tell me about the biggest moment in your life?


I messed up. I always mess everything up. I just wanted to protect you.


I just need to do something for me, okay Rico?


You and I both know that you will never be fine.

Vikram [to Danny]

It's not lying. It's withholding information.


Stop. I have to lie everywhere else. Don't make me do it here. You know. You know I killed Dad.

Danny [to Karen]

That's not really an airtight theory. I mean I know she does pilates but do you really think she could move a body?

Jo [about Karen]
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