You know, Betty, you're lucky, when someone falls in love with you it's real. I've never had that I never know if I'm loved for who I am or because I'm so pretty


Connor, I want to apologize for my behavior. I always blackmail people when I'm nervous. It's my go to


Betty: Thank you so much for that donation
Daniel: It is the Mode after party. Plus, I hear the singer of the band is just to die for

Cliff: Why is the idea of moving in with me so hard?
Marc: It's just big. It's like deciding to get a kid. How do you know it's the right time or what kind to get? I mean do you go Russian, Chinese, or stay local and go South American? Or what if you go wrong and it clashes with your furniture?

Fun? Delightful? You didn't have a dinner last... You don't even eat dinner! Oh my god, you like him!

Marc [to Wilhelmina about Connor]

Betty: ...a guy is the last thing i should be thinking about
Hilda: Why? you're young, you have a good job, your own apartment
Justin: And you're wearing heels sometimes... thank god

Connor: My guess a woman such as yourself would have a bottle of 61 single malt scotch floating around the place somewhere
Wilhelmina: 48
Connor: Perfect, older is always better
Wilhelmina: I wouldn't know, I've been the same age for years

[referring to Amanda's ambiguous flyer about their after party]
Betty: But how will people know where to go? They won't even know what time to show up
Amanda: If they want to be there badly enough they'll figure all that out. You have to make it hard to get on the list, that way the party will be full of people desperate to be there and they'll think it's great no matter how much of a humongous turd it is

Betty: Why are you always around?
Amanda: Betty, we're roomies now, this is what we do. I'm supposed to be all up in your biz, so why the brown face?

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