Henry [about his girlfriend Chloe]: I don't know why I'm with her. The only thing we have in common is we can both do one armed push ups
Betty: She does look strong

Marc: I just wanted to see how you were doing?
Wilhelmina: My entire body has tennis elbow. I have a hangover that's worthy of a college freshman. But I'm feeling wonderful because I have information that will split up old man Hartley and grandma Meade

Don't! My flesh rots where you touch it!

Marc [to Betty as she touches him to comfort]

Normally I don't like, or notice old people, but that was interesting

Marc [about Claire and Victoria]

That is hideous! It's like looking at the butt of Satan. My eyes!

Amanda [about a painting of Betty]

Wilhelmina: Why does god hate me? I'm a good person
Marc: You are, and more importantly, you're pretty

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