a heart for Wilhelmina, courage for Marc, and a brain for Amanda

Christina [on Santa's lap]

What's Daniel doing with McSlutty over there? I thought things with getting serious with Charo.


Marc: Are you packing heat?
Amanda: Always
Marc: Amanda, I'm not flirting with you. Does anyone here have a gun?
Amanda: Look around. We're a bunch of unstable, hungry back-stabbing bitches. Do you really think anyone would sell us guns? Relax, have a drink

Hilda: Who moved our Christmas decorations?
Justin: And what's Santa doing to that elf
Hilda: This has the skank prints of Gina Gamboni all over it!
Justin: Well you did run over her Christmas tree and Christmas is a time of love and forgiveness
Hilda: Grow up Tiny Tim, this means wars.

Marc: I brought you a present... whole wheat
Wilhelmina: Too late, yesterday was carb day

I'm supposed to oversee the budget. i guess I'll be on top of you the next couple of days... party wise


Amanda: What is the very first thing i ever said to you
Betty: Are you the before?
Amanda: Okay the second thing
Betty: Are you delivering something?

Would it be wrong if we threw [Betty] a going away party and didn't invite her?


Ignacio: That girl has the vocal chords of a large cat
Hilda: I heard that
Ignacio: ...and the ears of whatever hears best
Betty: A dolphin

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