Hilda: Don't even think about it
Justin: How does she do that?
Santos: She's a little bit of a witch
Betty: Give or take a letter

hey come try these on with me... if I keep doing it by myself I'm just a freak


You're cooking a turkey... oh maybe i could run a fashion magazine.. it'd be like Freaky Friday

Martha Stewart [to Wilhelmina]

Betty: Are you wearing cover up?
Daniel: I had a pimple, go away

Marc: What's that weird float over there?
Amanda: That's not a float. That's Betty

Amanda: What if [Wilhelmina] has hidden cameras in here
Marc: Trust me, if she had hidden cameras I'd have been fired a long time ago

Gina: Looks like I'm not the only one doing a little last minute Thanksgiving shopping
[Betty looks inside bag..]
Betty: A carton of cigarettes and a bottle of vodka
Gina: You have your traditions, i have mine

Wilhelmina: Will you stop looking at me like the ghost of thanksgiving yet to come
Christina: I see an old woman all alone at a thanksgiving table set for one

Betty: This was the best turkey they had?
Hilda: No, it was the last turkey they had. You were this close to stuffing a brisket

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