That makes Daniel my brother, who I slept with... a lot. And that's the kind of dirty that don't wash clean.


Betty: There is no one here who cares about changing the inside. They only care about fixing the outside.
Wilhelmina: What's stumpy up to now?
Betty: This concealer here, this isn't gonna change the fact that she doesn't have a house. And this-this eyeliner isn't going to bring back the people you loved. These women have lost everything and there is not enough styling gel in here to change that! (Betty walks off)
Sheila: You know what, she's right. There's not enough styling gel.

[after Daniel doses off during Henry's stuff funeral]
Betty: Are you sleeping?
Daniel: No it was a silent prayer.. I was just so moved by the paper clips he gave you

Never send a girl to do a woman's job

Marc [to Amanda]

[after Daniel finds Betty at a french fry stand...]
Betty: How'd you find me?
Daniel: It's no secret, you turn to potatoes in time of need

is it just me or does anyone else see the fashion elf?

Wilhelmina [sees Justin hiding]

Amanda: Hey, what's different about you? You get your hair cut?
Betty: I'm wearing an eye patch.
Amanda: You didn't always have that?

Marc: So this is where you grew up?
Amanda: This is it, the house of lies. Mother!? If that is your real name!

Christina [talking to herself in mirror]: Hello Mrs Matt Damon
Betty: Are you doing the Matt Damon thing again?
Christina: I'll give you a Bourne ultimatum

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