[Hilda is doing Constance's hair]
Constance: Are you sure this weave will make me look like Beyonce?
Hilda: Girl, when I'm done, Jay-Z will be ringing your alarm!
Constance: Does your daddy like it up, down, or all around?
Hilda: Yes, we're still talking about hair right?

I'll put it on the internet. I'm sure there are tons of people who'd love to see a lawyer getting screwed for a change


Betty, you're lying. With so many saints in your living room how can you lie like that?


Ignacio: Mrs Meade, what do you take in your coffee?
Claire: With vodka and ice, hold the coffee

Dr Farcus [to Betty]: You should stay away from the blueberry, it stains your teeth
Claire: Wow. You really can't follow this kind of chemistry

What a cute little house, I could put it in my pocket


Betty: How do you feel about going to the Grand Regent?
Dr Farcus: Am I that good of a slow dancer?

Wilhelmina: fly my pretty, fly
Marc: and you thought yummy was too gay?

[Alexis comes barging in during a Mode staff meeting...]
Alexis [screaming]: We have a big problem!
Daniel: Crazy time begins in an hour, we're having a meeting now

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