Daniel: Nice place
Betty: We're just in between interior designers...
Daniel: Really?
Betty: No
Daniel: Right, it's a joke

She's so fabulously douchey.


Marc [about Betty, Catherine, and other two]: It's the bizarro version of Sex and the City
Amanda: Stop it, I'm gagging

we went out for a week.. and they don't call him the tripod because he's a photographer.. if you catch my drift..

Amanda [about Felipe]

Daniel: Thank you, but it is Daniel, not Danny
Wilhelmina: What? I'm hellaciously upset, Marc
Marc: Oh my God, I'm so sorry
Wilhelmina: Shh! Purge this from memory

can you believe that new assistant? This is Mode, not dog fancy

Marc [about Betty]

Justin: I don't want flan, I'll get fat
Hilda: Honey, you're a boy, it doesn't matter if you're fat or not

Betty: I know most of your magazines inside and out. I try to devour as much as I can
Meade Interviewer: Clearly

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