Amanda [about Betty]: Haha, someone's been hitting the tequila again [to Matt]: It's like mother's milk to her

Wilhelmina [about sitting in second row of fashion show]: Well, I'm certainly not going in there
Marc: No. It would be more humiliating than being caught in Crocs

Betty: I only get two tickets to the mode show this year so we have to decide who's going
Justin: I get one, or I tell everyone you still love Ricky Martin
Betty: *gasp*
Justin: I'm sorry I had to play hard ball

Amanda: Daniel you were all over the papers today
Daniel: Really?
Amanda: Yes. [reading paper]: Looking sensational at Michael Kors was Daniel Meade. He was accompanied by... *gasp*
Daniel: What?
Amanda: Nothing, I just remembered I can't read. It's my own secret shame

Peering? My god Daniel, have some self respect

Wilhelmina [about Daniel's cuffs]

Daniel: I really need you to deal with these
Betty: Okay
Daniel: Last year the mandate was for cuffs to be peering out from jackets. At Marc Jacobs' preview last night suddenly they're peaking instead. Can you believe it?
Betty: Nope, I can't
Daniel: It was humiliating. I need an eight of an inch off all of them ASAP. Please use your discretion. I'd be mortified if anyone knew they were mine

Are you sure? I'm worried that the Cavalli makes you look a little too Michelle Obama at the mall

Marc [to Wilhelmina]

Betty [about speaker]: She's so amazing I can't believe you get to work for her
Girl: What you do sounds a lot more fun, especially during fashion week
Betty: Fashion week isn't nearly as cool as genocide week... sorry that came out wrong

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