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Kelly: Ok, Chinese place on Main, and we are going Dutch.
Pete: Couldn't we go to the Dutch place on fifth and go Chinese?
Kelly: Come on slappy, before I change my mind.

Is it warm in here or am I wearing 38 Snuggies?


Pete: I would be honored to have a life like yours.
Artie: I would be honored if you'd try for a little more.

You don't have to miss out on a real life like I did.


Kelly: Hey croissant boy, I need a prep nurse, get in here.
Pete: Ok, but I am not shaving anything.

Claudia: What do you know?
Gary: Nothing, it's just a feeling.
Claudia: Spill it Hulkling, don't make me angry.

Agent Bering, seems we are forever destined to meet at gun point.

H.G. Wells

Maybe I'm wrong, but are Artie and Vanessa sitting in a tree?

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