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Not all wonders are endless Claudia.

Mrs. Frederic

Myka: So why didn't the wishing work?
Pete: I've been thinking about that too. Maybe the dog tags just work on people that you love right? Judy's grandpa used it on his army buddy. Judy used it on Mike. I used it on..... do I have a booger?
Myka: No, no, no, no. You just admitted you love me.
Pete: I also love fajitas, cage fighting and bald women. I mean Sinead O'Connor.

Mrs. Frederick: The creation of an artifact is simply the meeting of an object, a person and a moment.
Claudia: It's a good glimpse.

Claudia: Unless that was the birth of an artifact.
Mrs. Frederic: Imbued by the bravery of the moment, a normal woman doing an extraordinary thing.

He's so soft and fuzzy - the bear too.


That's not hockey. That's pole vaulting.


Myka: Are you living in 1957? Getting pregnant is not on my current to do list.
Artie: How about finding an artifact? Is that on your current to do list?

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