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Ugh, if I give that Bellman any more money he's gonna have to claim me on my tax return.


Artie: Turn it on, turn it on Claudia!
Claudia: Do you think griping at me will enhance my speed?

Come on Myka, look if I had quit and left you there and you were looking at an artifact for football or porn I would help you.


I put on Abe Lincoln's hat once and had an uncontrollable urge to free Mrs. Frederick.


Pete: Artie, this guy has no sense of humor. He doesn't laugh at the jokes.
Artie: Your jokes Pete?
Pete: Yes.
Artie: Give that a little more thought.

Artie: Welcome to Warehouse 13!
[Camera zooms out momentarily showing some of the warehouse then zooms back in]
Artie: Okay that's all we have time for! Now we have work to do!

Yes, it's all true Dorothy. Agent Claudia Donovan, here new guy gets to fix the fish.


You know, it feels a little like my old dog just got sent to the farm and you guys are already shoving a new puppy down my throat.


Claudia: Hey Pete, that girl is really grateful to you.
Pete: Uh Huh
Claudia: And cold really, really cold. We could see how cold she was.
Pete: I gave her my jacket.

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