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This is Adwin Kosan, he is on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know.


Claudia: Say it again please... for me
Todd: My preferred method of hacking it to use an integrated secure tool kit, applied to a safe type concurrent algorithm, derived from an active binary work cluster, imbedded in a synchronized meta-level high speed architecture
Claudia: I love it when you talk tech.

Artie: You spoke to H.G. Wells about official Warehouse 13 matters, and you didn't tell me?
Myka: I was waiting for the right time.
Pete: This ain't it.

Lena: Men are generally out of touch with their feelings. Look at Pete and Artie.
Claudia: Those are my choices?

I can do black, I can do white, not so good with grey.

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