White Collar

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White collar
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You think they're listening and then they do the exact opposite of what you say...


Whatever I did I have proof I didn't do it.


You're starting to sound like a law man.

Keller [to Neal]

Mozzie: A New Yorker that doesn't take the subway is a New Yorker you can't trust.
Neal: I don't take the subway.
Mozzie: Exactly.

Neal: You're the only one.
Peter: The only one what?
Neal: The only person in my life that I trust.

This is the first time I've been on this side of the manhunt.


Mozzie: Get a room!
Sara: We are in a room
Neal: My room!
Mozzie: That was cold!

My favorite protection is avoiding situations where people might shoot me.


You can never trust anyone who spells with dollar signs in their license plates.


Telling the whole truth isn't your cup of tea?


Neal: You need to hit rock bottom before you can change
Peter: When did you hit rock bottom
Neal: Never said I did...

Don't ask me, I've been in a cell, shot and tethered to a dash board.

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