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Helen: Who are you?!
Diana: FBI Agent Diana Barrigan. Damn right over qualified.

Mozzie: Get a room!
Sara: We are in a room
Neal: My room!
Mozzie: That was cold!

Neal: Where's Diana's briefcase?
Mozzie: She took it back to the She-gal nest.

Jones: I want you to plan my next birthday party.
Elizabeth: Do you want a moonbounce too?
Jones: No, I want to be a cowboy.
Elizabeth: Here you go.
Jones: Giddy up.

I see why she gets so many death threats.


Neal: And the glasses?
Peter: I use them to make a point.

Neal: Helping find out who is trying to kill a public figure while Diana goes undercover to protect her.
Sara: So same old, same old?

Diana: What's with the hard sell?
Jones: Let's just say she puts the "hell" in Helen.

Mozzie: Fooled, by Ms. Lady Suit.
Neal: No, Dr. Lady Suit.

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