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Diana took center stage as an undercover assistant to one of journalism’s sharpest-tongued, no-nonsense writers in "Deadline," and her secretarial skills weren’t the only talents on display.

Marsha Thomason’s accent made its single appearance of the series, hopefully to only become a more frequently used asset. I loved this undercover angle and would like to see it more often. Diana herself is a bit of an underused asset, isn't she? Last time she went undercover was with Jones during an adoption scam in season two.

Neal Caffrey Image

We also met Diana's girlfriend, Christie, for the first time. I have to say, they worked. Besides, who didn’t love getting a glimpse into her life and her stylish apartment?

In fact, all of White Collar’s women shined this episode, especially Hilarie Burton’s Sara Ellis, who has been notably absent despite her promotion to series regular. Similarly, Elizabeth,  truly reliable person in all situations, certainly continued to be just that via her last-minute party for Helen’s son, Charlie.

Can I say how much I loved Sara and Neal this episode?

Even if their relationship doesn’t end up a long-term situation, they were fun while it lasted. Their interaction highlighted some of the fundamental differences between them that are so often forgotten. Neal steals things and Sara gets them back. They are on opposing sides, yet somehow they complement one another in a way that’s just so much fun to watch and absorb. Their attempt to engage in normal conversation, without reference to security systems or classic cons, was difficult but endearing.

Other highlights from the episode included:

  • Peter’s FDA cover and glasses; they were about as cute as the mustache he sported in the early 2000s.
  • Diana’s introduction to Helen, with her gun raised at the would-be assassin, plus Helen’s plea to get Diana on her team in the following days.
  • I also appreciated the rare moment between Agent Jones and Elizabeth where he confessed he’d like to be a cowboy for his next birthday.
Deadline Scene

I still have to reiterate how difficult it is to enjoy these moments when you know that Neal and Peter are actually at odds with each other in a passive aggressive way, one that is likely to boil over and draw battle lines at some point down the road, most likely sooner than later.

The best we can do is watch and wait, which this reviewer will certainly be doing next week when we get a look into Mozzie's mostly hidden past. What interesting tidbits and insights into this eccentric character are to be uncovered next Tuesday? Watch and return afterward for a detailed review!


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What, no Devil Wears Prada reference? The episode was wreaking of it! haha


Well Anne that is because it IS supposed to be about Neal, not Peter. So that makes sense. It was never meant to become this buddy awshawks bromance about 2 cops fighting the bad guys-it was billed as this sexy super smart drama about a CON MAN. A man who can con. A man who is so good he can get away with it all. If he stops getting away with everything, they he stops being a con man. When he stops being a con man, then they better just change the title of the show to 'two guy buddies in the force out to fight the bad guys and always win. Happy ever after. The end.'

Uncle jackass

Did anyone else thought the comparison between Helen and Patty Hughes from Damages?


I loved this episode!


i loveeee this episode!!!


sorry Rosie your wrong


@Rosie I'm amused that you think it's the Peter Burke show only because I always think it's the other way around... The network definitely favors Neal when it comes to ads and promos - even the DVDs are covered in Neal while Peter is nowhere to be found until you open the DVD case and look for him. Even in show there seems to be more focus on Neal than anything else. Starting with Neal getting away with everything under the sun just so the show can continue being about him. I could give more examples of how I think the show IS Neal's show but that would be petty.


Why is everyone spelling so badly? Anyhow, Michael I assume by Rosia, you meant me? I also think you mean the opposite of what you are saying. You mean, if I am not into soap opera's then this show is not for me. Because nothing in my comment sounds like I like soap opera's hence the reason I said it's like the 'Peter burke' show with lots of happy giddy smiles and high fives. That isn't the world of FBI nor of a con man, hence why more gripping realistic action would be good. Quoin, Hilary Burton is on this episode, quite a bit.


Rosia sound like your into soap opera if so these is not a show for you


maybe hilarieburton was absent cause she was filming for oth god i hope im right

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White Collar Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Mozzie: Fooled, by Ms. Lady Suit.
Neal: No, Dr. Lady Suit.

When they're out to get you, paranoia is only good thinking.

Peter [to Diana]