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Peter: I'm calling a truce. I may have rushed to judgment.
Neal: You had judgment on speed dial.

Oh, sweet Elvis Costello, it's your Chrysler painting!


Look, Peter, whatever you think of me, we're on the same team.


Think of it as a Kardashian. What it lacks in refinement it makes up for in cargo space.

Mozzie [about the plane]

Or maybe you've been chasing him so long you don't know how to stop?

Elizabeth Burke

If you were one step away from making the biggest score of your life, could you walk away?


Neal: If you're not going to talk to me then let's just keep it simple.
Peter: Fine. How about them Mets?

To our best and final score.


Neal: You didn't tell me.
Mozzie: Plausible deniability is all.

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