White Collar

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White collar
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Look at me Neal. Look at me. This isn't who you are.


I have five shots left - that's the only warning you get. Tell me why you killed Kate.


It's a dark day when I turn to the system instead of recoiling.


I know that look - you got your eye on the bad guy.


Hale: What happened to the goatee, you know I liked it?
Mozzie: We all grow up.

(speaking to the music box) We've been so close, but now we finally meet.


Peter: Is this a good idea?
Neal: You have a better one?

Neal: No more secrets Peter.
Peter: No more secrets.

If someone took away the person you loved - wouldn't you want them to know how it feels?


Mozzie: I showed you mine - you show me yours.
Diana: Don't ever say that again.
Mozzie: Understood.

Neal: Espresso?
Peter: I've always liked espresso.
Neal: No more ugly FBI mugs for you. I think you missed your calling - tiny cup big office expensive suits.
Peter: Ugly mugs are fine.
Neal: Don't fight your instincts Peter - embrace your true self.

Peter: If I pull the strings - you think you could land the job?
Neal: Marketing - I could do marketing.

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White Collar Season 2 Quotes

Peter: Talk some sense into him.
Mozzie: We'll take that under advisement, Suit.

Diana: Where are you going?
Peter: To see an old friend.