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Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go, but rather, learning to start over - Nicole Sobon.


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Besides loving the show since the beginning , I love the quotes. Don't know who thought of this, but I think it adds a lot & would be missed if you ever stopped doing them. I wait to hear what quote is going to be said on the plane. I use some of them as inspiration for myself or others. You do a great job in finding the right quotes. The one on last show really was awesome & I shared with someone that also has lost a love one. Reid just warms my heart anyway. The quote was from "Magnum Opus" I really dread the day you decide to end this show. I don't think I have missed 1 episode. Have DVR set now to record, so no matter what channel it's on it records. My daughter even got engaged during a winter mountain get away while they sat in front of fire watching Criminal Minds marathon. We laughed at it, she loves show too, but he is a detective for sherif's department here in Montgomery , Alabama . Keep doing what your doing! Hope no more changes in characters . Favorites are Reid - listening to his intelligence adds humor & has had to made him & writer smarter, then Garcia - who couldn't love her, unique, does her own thing, funny with answering the phone calls, & her crush on Morgan (kudos on show with him coming out of shower) Rossi- I like him better than Mandy, he fits better & sexy too, Derek - after you get past the looks, if you can, he really plays an important part in show, if he goes...I don't think it would be as good, he shows intelligence, humor, & then him & Garcia makes the show. Hotchner - after seeing him in a past comedy series, he's much better suited in this role. JJ-precious, need more on her & hubby. The part now played by Blake, she is my favorite in this role, the others ~~ so so, Prentiss next best. Blake is more caring, warmer & not bitchy like some have been. Women don't have to prove themselves any more than men, they've already proved they have the skills to be in the BAU, so don't need power issues. Seeing bond between Blake & Reid, makes me feel she can fill the void of his mother in his life. Would like to see; Reid & Blake relationship grow, Garcia have something go on with maybe a relative of Derek's, JJ 's family mom/dad maybe in a retirement village , be involved in a episode, Derek & another be hostage, Rossi have a ghost from the past, Hotchner marry again & something happen during the wedding,
But, as I've said, love the show, keep doing what your doing!

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Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

Paul: You're insane!
Unsub: Guess every artist is a little crazy.

Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go, but rather, learning to start over - Nicole Sobon.

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