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No Raylan, I'm going to bet my life on you being the only friend I have left in this world.


Raylan: Are you trying to be funny?
Boyd: A little.

Raylan: You didn't happen to bring your rocket launcher, did you?
Boyd: I didn't think to pack one.

Boyd: What happened to Arlo?
Raylan: He took a bullet.

Cartel man: Do you have any idea what you just did?
Boyd: I just sparred your lives.

Raylan, we're getting precipitously close to the moment I ask to have my lawyer present.


Boyd: Could you ask your friends to be a little more gentle with our belongings?
Raylan: Well, I could, but they're looking for a witness to murder, so I don't think they'll listen.

Raylan, with all of this man power, are you looking for Osama Bin Laden? I'm fairly certain he's not here.


Truth always sounds like lies to a sinner.

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