I realize that you're a part of my world and in our world we're better together than we are apart.

Roman [to Emery]

Taylor: I have to know, you are a good guy, right?
Drake: No I'm not, but you make me wanna be one.

Why do you always look like you just came from a fight?

Taylor [to Drake]

I don't think you can get really close to anyone until they're completely honest with you.


There's nothing to tell, my life is MY life, okay?


Barreling? Me? I'm the picture of stealth.


Luckily for you Zoe, I feel too bad for you to be mad.


What if made the biggest mistake of my life and let the right guy go?


Zoe: I was complimented, I was flirted with.
Lavon: Or maybe because you combed your hair.

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