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"We all wear masks, and the times comes when we cannot remove them without removing our own skin." Andre Berthiaume

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Toss off the Political Correctness mask that seems to be expected of society...and be your real self instead! and to remind me of a joke I have on my wall...the husband says to the counselor, "My wife has all the faults...and think I'm over critical?"


This quote lets me know I need to be more patient with my wife who is "unwilling or unable" to admit she made a mistake. I think I see now how painful it can be for her to admit her errors without a flimsy excuse. I wounder what's behind my "good guy" mask.


Every guy I've ever dated has been nothing BUT a mask - a flaking, peeling grotesque of claims and denials, with so much of the mask crumbled you could see right through it and yet they STILL claimed to be the facade of the mask they wore...