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A puzzled Ryan (Cameron Mathison) tells Jonathan that his home phone has been disconnected along with Annie's cell phone. Gazing through the window of the NICU at her ailing baby, Kendall tearfully apologizes to Ian for not being there when he needed her.

Babe (Alexa Havins), Jamie and JR reminisce about the complicated relationships the three of them have shared.


Annie invents an excuse to mollify her husband's concerns about her "impulsive" decision to suddenly change all their phone numbers. Zach rails at Kendall for leaving Ian. Ava complains to Jonathan about the ladies of Fusion assigning Amanda to be her babysitter.

JR says a fond farewell to his brother.


Afterwards, Babe fights back tears as she wishes Jamie well on his new adventure. Ryan wonders if Terry's brother made the harassing phone calls which have rattled Annie so badly. Joe consoles Kendall after she admits how torn she feels between her young sons.

Sitting beside Ethan's grave, Zach sadly expresses a hope that he can be a better father to Ian than he ever was to his firstborn.


Ava reminds Jonathan how her future plans include a star on Hollywood's walk of fame, not just modeling lip gloss for a cosmetics firm. Later, Ava's softer side emerges as she stands over Spike's crib.

Zach's anger towards Kendall fades when he hears her talking to Ian.

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