All My Children

Fridays 12:00 AM
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As All My Children begins, Babe pulls back from JR's kiss and reminds him why sex won't solve the problems between them. Aidan urges Jack to cover for him with Greenlee (Rebecca Budig), Kendall and Erica while he follows up a lead on Hannah. At the waterfall, Zach warns Hannah that she's living in a dream world ...

Richie works hard to convince a panel that he's ready to be released from the psych ward. Ryan assures Annie he'll respect her decision if she's willing to donate bone marrow to her ailing brother. Easily guessing the truth about Aidan's sudden departure, Kendall and Greenlee lean on one another for support ...

Holding her gun on Zach, Hannah tearfully says how Alexander mistreated and used her for so long. Babe and JR agree to try being friends again. Richie feigns shock and dismay upon hearing that Dr. Chambers has been stabbed to death by a prison inmate. Sean explains to Jackson and Erica how he hooked up with Hannah ...

Richie phones his contact inside the prison to commend him on a job well done in finishing Chambers off. Aidan slips up behind Hannah as she berates Zach for failing to rescue her from his wretched father. Richie comes to Babe's condo and jumps to the wrong conclusion when a half-naked JR answers the door...

Zach finally coaxes Hannah to surrender her weapon...

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