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Archer returns for a three part special during September titled, "Heart of Archness."  The ISIS gang brings in some outside help, Rip Riley (guest voice Patrick Warburton), to try to find Archer after he's gone missing for three months after the death of his fiancee.  Rip tracks him down, but not before the two get captured by pirates.

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Archer Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Sterling: A ruse? Hi, it's 1930s, can have our words, and clothes, and shitty plane back?
Rip: Let's go, kid.
Sterling: Call you back, 1930s. And, hey, watch out for that Adolf Hitler. He's a bad egg.

Archer: So excuse me for needing some time to grieve.
Rip: By tending bar and banging newly weds?
Archer: Apparently that's my grieving process.