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Claudia Joy goes into complete kidney failure.

Emmalin want to donate her kidney, but the doctor won't let her due to her possibility of getting adult diabetes.

Captain Nicole Galassini proposes an expedition to Africa, putting the soldiers on Division Ready Brigade.

Denise decides she wants to be Claudia Joy's life donor.

The soldiers depart for Africa.

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I really wish that they would not make us feel like we might lose claudia Joy. I love her. I was so happy to see Kellie Martin in this episode. I really like her.


I've been a huge fan since episode one. This season is a huge disappointment. This show was about the relationships and trials and tribulations of Army wives. It was their support for each other that made the show great. This season is all depressing... no excitement or interesting story lines. There is no connection between the women any more. Enough depressing tragedy every episode... can we see some fun and women bonding again? The women used to be inspirations about friendship with the good and the bad. Made us cherish our female friends. Now there is no friend or connection. Just a bunch of people living depressing lives. yuk! Please don't kill of Claudia JOy... my god her life sucks. Diabetes, loss of a child, no career.. and now no friends. yuk. Let's change the show to: Shitty lives of officers families.


I have been watching this show ever since it started, and I certainly hope they don't do something stupid like get rid of Claudia Joy! She is the glue! Couldn't believe Pam left. Don't like Jackie! What are you trying to do ruin a family!


Shocked to see Susan Lucci on ARMY WIVES....... She is not believable as a Military Wife..... Still ''Erica''.... Hope she isn't going to be a regular!!! Show seems to be changing ALOT and losing that close connection between
the woman. Roxy becoming polished and less ''Up Close and In Your Face'' Claudia Joy serious ill ....... what happen to her law degree? Her daughter? Becoming a REAL Soap Opera.... aaaah hence Susan Lucci.....OK I get it!!
Disappointed in the direction it appears to be going. DSB/DE


This is not a show about the military and their wives/families anymore. It is getting stupid.


Army Wives just gets better, taking on important issues- I love how the characters have developed, have we see their strengths and faults; do a get a little tired of Roland and Joan always being so "perfect"- sometimes I wish their issues weren't so quickly resolved! Please don't let anything happen to Claudia Joy- It was sad enough when Pamela left; but Claudia Joy's character is central to the show, her relationships with everyone; she is the balance between them all. My understanding is that Pamela left because of another show; The show needs Claudia Joy; but it doesn't her possible death-
Whats with the new "couple" on base- more interested in Claudia Joy's recovery and Susan Lucci's help!


One of the most entertaining shows on the tv screen!!!


Army Wives possibly ends after this season. It has been too good to rely on character illnesses and deaths altho they have occured periodically. I truly hope that Claudia Joy's diabetic reaction is temporary. The teasers made it look fatal. What a sin to do that just to rid another cast member. Pamela went to California after saving Roxy's son from the tornado. Enough with the life threatening plots. Just keep the same quality writing and stay on Lifetime at least one more season...dont waste Susan Lucci's appearances!!

Army Wives Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Roxy: Really, kidney failure?
Claudia Joy: It's not as bad as it sounds.
Roxy: Kidney failure?

Why did this happen to my mom? Hasn't she been through enough?