Wednesdays 8:00 PM on CW
"Blast Radius"

Bombs start going off all over Starling City when Arrow returns after it's winter hiatus on January 15th.

"Three Ghosts"

Oliver is visited by ghosts from his past in a drug induced hallucination after a battle with Cyrus Gold on Arrow.

"The Scientist"

Grant Gustin debuts on this episode of Arrow. He portrays the character of Barry Allen.

"State v. Queen"

The Count returns to Arrow this week. Oliver must deal with him and with the presence of a mysterious illness.

"Keep Your Enemies Closer"

Lyla goes missing on this episode of Arrow. The team heads off to Russia as a result.

"League of Assassins"

The Black Canary opens up to Arrow on this episode. Elsewhere, Oliver takes issue with Laurel.


Oliver discovers "The Mayor" on this episode of Arrow. He's bringing illegal guns into The Glades.

"Broken Dolls"

Felicity offers to be the bait when someone Lance arrested years ago escapes and starts torturing and killing women on Arrow.


Oliver does battle with China White and the Bronze Tiger and medical supplies are stolen from Glades Memorial on Arrow.

"City of Heroes"

Arrow is back! This is the premiere of Season 2.